The Ghost of the Deep Armor Sets in Destiny 2: A Complete Guide

In this complete guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Ghost of the Deep armor, including:

  • Overview of each armor set and class item
  • Stats and perks
  • How to get the armor
  • Artifice armor variants
  • Appearance and design

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just getting into Destiny 2, read on for the full details on the coolest new armor Bungie has released in years.

Overview of the Armor Sets

The Ghost of the Deep offers a full armor set for each class, with a matching class item:


  • Helm – Helm of the Taken King
  • Arms – Gauntlets of the Taken King
  • Chest – Plate of the Taken King
  • Legs – Greaves of the Taken King
  • Class Item – Mark of the Taken King


  • Helm – Mask of the Taken King
  • Arms – Grasps of the Taken King
  • Chest – Vest of the Taken King
  • Legs – Strides of the Taken King
  • Class Item – Cloak of the Taken King


  • Helm – Hood of the Taken King
  • Arms – Gloves of the Taken King
  • Chest – Vestment of the Taken King
  • Legs – Boots of the Taken King
  • Class Item – Bond of the Taken King

The full sets have tremendous synergy both visually and stat-wise.

Stats and Perks

The Ghost of the Deep armor stands out for its excellent stat distribution focusing on Recovery and Resilience. This makes the armor sets extremely viable for end-game PVE and PVP.

Each individual piece comes with extra perks as well:

  • All armor pieces have the Restoration Ritual origin trait, which reloads your equipped weapon and readies an emergency reload when you revive allies or defeat combatants with finisher moves.
  • The chest pieces offer increased resilience while you’re near allies.
  • The leg armors boost your weapon damage against combatants blinded by your abilities.

Combined with the strong overall stats, these make the Ghost of the Deep one of the most powerful armor sets in Destiny 2.

How to Get the Armor

The only way to get this armor is as random drops from the Ghost of the Deep dungeon’s encounters and secret chests:

  • You have a chance to get an armor piece from each major encounter.
  • The final boss has an increased chance to drop armor.
  • Secret chests scattered through the dungeon can also contain random armor drops.

Once you get an armor piece to drop, it will be added to your collections so you can pull more copies later.

Tip: Running the dungeon on Master difficulty grants a small chance for the armor drops to roll as Artifice gear, which comes with an extra mod socket.

GHOST of the Deep Dungeon Armor | Destiny 2

Master Difficulty and Artifice Armor

The Ghost of the Deep dungeon offers an extra challenge on Master difficulty. Along with more powerful enemies and champions, Master also unlocks a chance for the gear drops to roll as Artifice armor variants.

Artifice armor comes with an extra mod socket, allowing for more customization and build crafting potential. The appearances of the Artifice and normal armor versions are identical.

So if you want to show off your skill and get the absolute best gear, be sure tackle the Master difficulty version!

Appearance and Design

Without question, the Ghost of the Deep sets are among the best-looking armor Bungie has designed. Heavily inspired by the Lucent Hive enemies, the intricate detail and sinister motifs make these sets incredibly unique and stylish.

Some standout features include:

  • Intricate Hive runes etched throughout
  • Glowing green accents and embellishments
  • Spiked and chitinous ornamentation
  • A sinister yet sleek silhouette
  • Long, flowing cloth pieces
  • Insectoid helmet designs

The armor manages to balance an imposing, villainous appearance with slick sci-fi luxe visuals that look incredible in motion.

Whether you prefer dark and edgy or bright and flashy, the complete sets let you customize the exact look you want with shaders.

Wrapping Up

The armor sets from the Ghost of the Deep dungeon offer unmatched design and top-tier capabilities for all classes. With the Risk/Reward Master difficulty unlocking Artifice variants, it’s more than worth braving the depths to collect a full set.

Between the stats, perks, traits, and sheer appearance, these sets represent the pinnacle of loot to earn and show off. So rally your Fireteam and prepare for glory – the most stunning armor awaits in the Ghost of the Deep!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the stats on the Ghost of the Deep armor compare to existing sets?

The Ghost of the Deep armor focuses heavily on Recovery and Resilience, giving it excellent versatility for both PVE and PVP. The distribution rivals even some of the best existing sets like Trials of Osiris gear.

Do you need to own The Witch Queen expansion to earn this armor?

Yes, the Ghost of the Deep dungeon requires ownership of The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition expansion.

Can this armor roll with high-stat values?

Yes, all the armor pieces can drop with very high total stat values, even up to 68 base points on Artifice variants.

What is the drop rate for the armor pieces in the dungeon?

The drop rate starts around 25% for normal pieces on normal difficulty. The chances go up each subsequent run if you don’t get a drop. The final boss has an increased drop chance. Master difficulty also boosts drop rates across the board.

Is there matchmaking for the Ghost of the Deep dungeon?

No, there is no matchmaking on any difficulty. You need to manually form a full 3-player fireteam to attempt the dungeon.

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