How to Full Screen a Game on PC: A Step-by-Step Guide

Playing games on a PC can be an immersive and enjoyable experience. However, if you find yourself playing a game in a small windowed mode, you might miss out on the full visual impact. In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process of full screening a game on your PC, allowing you to maximize your gaming experience. Try to Press ALT+ENTER

Step 1: Launch the Game

The first step is to launch the game you want to play. Open the game from your desktop shortcut or through the Start menu. Wait for the game to load completely before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2: Check the In-Game Settings

Once the game is launched, navigate to the settings menu. Look for an option that allows you to adjust the display settings. This option might be labeled as “Graphics Settings,” “Video Settings,” or something similar.

Within the display settings, search for the option to change the game’s display mode. Common display modes include “Windowed,” “Borderless Windowed,” and “Full Screen.” Select the “Full Screen” option to enable the game to occupy the entire screen.

Step 3: Apply the Changes

After selecting the “Full Screen” option, look for a button or option to apply the changes. This button might be labeled as “Apply,” “Save,” or “OK.” Click on it to save the changes and exit the settings menu. The game should now be running in full screen mode.

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Step 4: Adjust the Resolution (if necessary)

In some cases, the game might not automatically adjust to the optimal resolution for your screen. If you notice any visual issues or if the game appears stretched or pixelated, you may need to manually adjust the resolution.

To do this, return to the game’s settings menu and find the “Resolution” option. Experiment with different resolutions until you find the one that best suits your screen. Keep in mind that higher resolutions may require more processing power, so choose a resolution that balances visual quality and performance.

Step 5: Update Graphics Drivers

If you have followed the previous steps and the game still does not go into full screen mode, it might be due to outdated or incompatible graphics drivers. Graphics drivers are essential software that allows your computer’s operating system to communicate with your graphics card.

To update your graphics drivers, visit the website of your graphics card manufacturer (such as NVIDIA or AMD) and search for the latest drivers for your specific graphics card model. Download and install the drivers following the provided instructions. Restart your computer, relaunch the game, and check if it now runs in full screen mode.

Step 6: Use Third-Party Software

If all else fails, you can try using third-party software to force the game into full screen mode. There are various programs available that can help you accomplish this, such as Borderless Gaming, Windowed Borderless Gaming, or Fullscreenizer. These programs work by forcing the game to run in a borderless full screen window.

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Before using any third-party software, make sure to research and download from reputable sources. Follow the provided instructions to install and configure the software for your game. Keep in mind that using third-party software is not always necessary and should be used as a last resort.


Playing games in full screen mode on your PC can enhance your gaming experience by immersing you in the game’s visuals. By following the step-by-step guide outlined above, you can easily switch your game from windowed mode to full screen mode. Remember to check the in-game settings, adjust the resolution if needed, update your graphics drivers, and consider using third-party software as a last resort. Enjoy your gaming sessions with a full screen view!

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