Solving Call of Duty HQ Crashing Issues When Playing – A Guide for Gamers

Key Takeaways:

  • Common causes of Cod HQ crashes include outdated graphics drivers, CPU/GPU overheating, software conflicts, buggy game files and RAM instability
  • Solutions range from updating drivers, improving cooling, tweaking in-game settings, scanning/repairing files and adjusting RAM speeds
  • Following specific troubleshooting steps for your unique crashing trigger is key to solving Cod HQ crashes for smooth, uninterrupted gameplay

Now let’s dive into the details!

Common Causes of Call of Duty HQ Crashing

Here are the most widespread technical culprits behind Call of Duty HQ crashes:

Outdated, Faulty or Conflicting Graphics Drivers

Graphics drivers act as critical communication middleware between your game and GPU hardware. Outdated, corrupted or conflicting drivers are a leading cause of Cod HQ crashes.

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Symptoms include visual artifacts and textures not loading properly before the game crashes.

CPU/GPU Overheating

black Gigabyte graphics card

Call of Duty HQ is quite resource intensive. Excessive CPU/GPU heat build-up can cause unexpected crashes mid-game.

Pay attention to prolonged loud fan noise from your PC or laptop before crashes happen.

Conflicts with Background Software

Many gamers run discord, MSI Afterburner, streaming software etc. in the background. If Cod HQ detects injected code or hacking attempts from such software, it will instantly crash.

Buggy Game Files

With so much data streamed on-the-fly as you play, it’s common for Cod HQ’s game files to become corrupted over time. Attempt to run these files, and crash!

Scan for missing game files or invalid checksums using Blizzard’s scan and repair tool.

RAM Instability on Overclocked Systems

For peak gaming performance, many enthusiasts overclock their RAM past stock speeds. If the overclock is unstable, Cod HQ will crash when loading maps as RAM gets taxed the most.

Effective Fixes and Troubleshooting Steps

Now that you know why Call of Duty HQ keeps crashing unexpectedly, let’s go through targeted troubleshooting and stabilizing tweaks for your system:

Update Your Graphics Drivers

Using a driver update utility like Driver Easy to install the latest stable graphics drivers suitable for your GPU is strongly recommended as a first troubleshooting step.

These cutting-edge drivers are optimized for popular games like Call of Duty HQ through extensive testing and debugging. Outdated driver issues are instantly resolved.

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If updating drivers don’t help, use the DDU utility in safe mode to completely wipe existing graphics drivers before reinstalling them cleanly. This eliminates any corrupted or conflicting driver remnants.

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Monitor CPU/GPU Temperatures

Use HWInfo or MSI Afterburner to closely track your CPU and GPU temperatures as you play Cod HQ. If temperatures exceed 85°C, chances of crashing become quite high.

Improving cooling or reducing CPU/GPU clock speeds is necessary to maintain stability. Undervolting using MSI Afterburner works wonders for laptop gamers. Modern GPUs also throttle clocks automatically when a temperature threshold is reached.

person holding silver and black device

Close All Non-Essential Apps

Make sure to shut down all unnecessary background apps before launching Call of Duty HQ. Pay special attention to apps that load code into games like ReWASD, Discord, streaming software etc. Cod HQ may interpret this code incorrectly and crash.

Scan and Repair Game Files

Use Call of Duty HQ’s built-in scan and repair feature accessible through Options in the desktop app. This scans your game file integrity and downloads any missing or corrupted data chunks causing crashes.

Check RAM Stability

a close up of a computer motherboard

For overclocked RAM running above supported stock speeds, test stability using MemTest86+. Allow multiple pass cycles. Even one error indicates RAM instability that will crash Cod HQ when maps load.

To resolve, reduce RAM speeds in BIOS to highest default JEDEC speeds your modules and motherboard support. Alternatively, increase RAM voltage slightly till errors disappear.

Toggle Graphics Settings

Cod HQ crashes can sometimes be triggered by specific graphics options. Toggling settings like Ray Tracing, Texture Streaming and VRAM Usage Target under Graphics Options ingame may help isolate and fix crashing issues.

Using DX11 instead of DX12 also boosts stability for certain configurations.

Exclude Cod Folder from Windows Security

Overzealous antivirus scanners or ransomware protection monitoring Cod game folders can also cause crashes. Add an exclusion rule for Cod under Windows Security settings to prevent this.

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Reinstall Call of Duty HQ

As a last resort when all else fails, backup and delete the Call of Duty folder before reinstalling the game cleanly. This wipes out any corrupted files or registry entries causing crashes for a fresh start.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions on solving Call of Duty HQ crashes:

Why does Call of Duty HQ crash randomly?

Frequent Cod HQ crashes are typically caused by outdated graphics drivers, CPU/GPU overheating, software conflicts, game file corruption or RAM instability issues as covered above.

How do I stop Cod HQ from crashing Windows 11?

For Windows 11, make sure you have the latest HAGS (Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling) compatible graphics drivers installed. Disable settings like Ray Tracing if crashes persist. scanning and repairing game files also helps.

Can Injectors/Cheat Engines cause Call of Duty crashes?

Yes, absolutely. Cod HQ has robust anti-cheat protections in place. As soon as any hacks or injected code is detected, the game is terminated instantly to prevent unfair gameplay advantages.

Why does Call of Duty crash with Dev Error 6068?

Dev Error 6068 usually appears when Cod fails to load graphics properly due to driver issues, overheating or game file corruption. The solutions outlined above should fix Dev Error 6068 crashes in most cases.


I hope this guide gives you clarity on exactly why Call of Duty HQ keeps crashing unexpectedly and how to troubleshoot specific issues causing instability based on your unique PC configuration and gaming environment.

The key is to remain calm, run through all the above fixes methodically until crashes stop, and you can skirmish for hours without interruptions!

With some determination to get to the root cause, you will emerge victorious over crash-inducing gremlins and have an awesome time racking frag after satisfying frag ingame. Enjoy the buttery smooth gameplay!

Let me know in the comments if the suggested troubleshooting steps resolved your Cod HQ crashing problems. Feel free to discuss any other fixes I may have missed. Happy gaming!

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