Can I Run Warface on Intel Core i5-4570 with Integrated Graphics HD 4600?

Warface is a fairly demanding online first-person shooter game that requires a dedicated graphics card with its own video RAM to run well, especially at higher settings.

While you may be able to launch and play Warface on the i5-4570’s integrated graphics, the performance will likely be very poor with low frame rates and visual quality. Integrated graphics are generally not designed for 3D gaming.

To get a good experience playing Warface, you would need a system with a discrete graphics card from Nvidia or AMD, preferably a mid-range or higher GPU from the last few years. The CPU requirements for Warface are relatively modest, so the i5-4570 CPU itself could potentially handle the game if paired with a proper dedicated graphics card.

Best Setting For Warface

But with just the integrated HD 4600 graphics, I would not recommend attempting to run a demanding shooter like Warface, as the visuals and gameplay will suffer severely. A dedicated GPU is really required.

Warface CO-OP PC Gameplay HD 4600 | 720p

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