Why Are PokeStops Yellow in Pokemon Go?

Well, wonder no more – this handy guide will explain everything you need to know about why some PokeStops turn yellow. We’ll cover what they mean, why they change color, how long it lasts, special events they are part of, and how to strategize when you spot one glimmering in the distance.

What Does a Yellow PokeStop Mean?

Let’s start at the beginning – what exactly do these yellow PokeStops signify when they pop up? Well, the main thing the bright yellow color signals is that another Pokémon Go player is actively using that particular PokeStop.

So it’s basically the game’s way of letting you know it’s currently occupied and to come back a bit later. Think of it like waiting your turn in line at the store. The yellow color is a visual cue that someone else got there right before you.

The yellow ring around the stop means you won’t be able to spin the photo disc center to collect your normal items like Pokéballs, potions, revives, eggs, and more. Those will have to wait until the other trainer finishes grabbing what they need.

This color change is temporary though, only lasting while the other player interacts with their phone at that spot. Once they close out of it, the PokeStop will shift back to blue again.

So in summary:

  • Yellow PokeStop = another player is using it
  • Can’t access items from that stop while yellow
  • Color reverts when the player finishes
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Pretty simple right? It’s just the game’s way of preventing multiple people from trying to tap on the same stop at the same time.

Why Do PokeStops Turn Yellow?

You might be wondering why PokeStops shift colors at all though, instead of just giving a message that it’s in use. Why make players pause and take note when they spot a vibrant yellow stop?

Well there’s a couple reasons for this:

  • Fair Distribution: Having PokeStops turn yellow allows for more fair distribution of items. With visual cues, players know to wait their turn instead of clustered groups trying to tap at once. This maintains needed supply items for all users in the area.
  • Polite Cue: The yellow color acts as a polite cue that another trainer is already there. This prompt allows players to exercise patience instead of getting annoyed that the stop isn’t working. It’s a friendly message to indicate “someone was here first, hang on a minute.”
  • Efficiency: Changing stop colors also helps maximize gameplay efficiency. Players know not to waste time walking to and trying to tap on occupied stops. Instead they can focus efforts elsewhere until the stop is accessible again.

So in essence, consider yellow PokeStops as the game’s official signal to pause your stop-spinning efforts for a hot second out of courtesy!

How Long Do You Have to Wait at Yellow PokeStops?

A fair question when you come across an in-use yellow stop is “how long am I stuck here waiting?” Thankfully, you’re not looking at a crazy long line most times.

There’s no set duration that yellow PokeStops take to reset back to active status again. But from many players’ experience, it’s usually not longer than 30-60 seconds. Pretty quick!

The color change just lasts while the other gamer collects their dropped items, catches any attracted Pokémon, and closes out. Once they send that stop on its merry way, regular blue should reappear.

So if you see yellow, consider taking a breather, enjoying the scenery, and checking back in under a minute. Odds are good you won’t be stuck long before those helpful supply drops are available again!

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Yellow PokeStops Signal Special Events

While yellow stops most often mean routine everyday use, they can also signify ongoing in-game events! Game-makers utilize the eye-catching color to indicate event stops. So yellow serves as an immediate cue to players that special activities are afoot.

During certain Pokémon Go events and storylines, yellow PokeStops increase wild spawns, supply different items, attract rare Pokémon, or unlock quest-based research tasks. It’s a great way for developers to direct your exploration and discovery to key points of interest.

Examples include:

  • Increased spawns: Certain events feature yellow stops that spawned event-exclusive Pokémon frequently when tapped. Similar to how blue stops attract common monsters normally.
  • Special items: Some storyline events had stops temporarily shift yellow to distribute special supplies. Like red, yellow, and blue shards players had to collect during the colorful Team Rocket takeover!
  • New Pokémon: More recently, special golden yellow stops signify the monster Gimmighoul is lurking about during Paldean events! Activating one with a Golden Lure Module attracts this mysterious creature for a limited window.

So keep an eye out when yellow pops up—because exciting new encounters and exclusive goodies may coming your way! It’s a bright beacon guiding you toward animated adventures.

The Gimmighoul Connection

Let’s talk more about that special yellow PokeStop association with Gimmighoul. This unique Pokémon has an evolved mechanic requiring Gimmighoul Coins to trigger transformation. And yellow stops can help provide those!

Gimmighoul Coins are rare evolution-enabling items that sometimes drop when you spin golden stops. Using a Golden Lure Module increases odds. These precious coins then let you evolve a caught Gimmighoul into Gholdengo, counted in Pokédex numbers #999 and #1000!

So yellow stops represent rare opportunities during Paldean events to snag this limited evolution. Depending on the PokeStop location and items dropped, hanging around color-changed stops can seriously payoff for your collection!

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Even if you don’t spot the elusive Gimmighoul, stockpiling some Coins for later provides serious bragging rights with these version exclusives. You may not see a golden stop for awhile, so pounce on those chances when spotted!

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FAQ: Common Yellow Stop Questions

Still have some lingering questions around why weird color changes pop up suddenly? Check our yellow stop FAQs below for quick help:

What special items can you get at yellow stops?

During events: Event-exclusive items, evolution items like Gimmighoul Coins, special quest pieces

Normal gameplay: Same common items as blue stops once your turn comes around

Do all players see the stop as yellow, or only one person?

All players in the area will see that stop ringed in yellow when activated. It helps cue the entire crowd to pause spinning while in use.

Why don’t yellow stops show as occupied on the overall map view?

The color change only activates on close approach. This prevents cluttering the map constantly with temporary single-user visuals. Stops revert so quickly most times it’s not worth constant map overhaul.

Do I have to walk closer for my yellow stops to reset?

Nope! You can stay planted exactly where you are. The color will change back once the other player finishes collecting, regardless of proximity.

In Summary: Patience for Yellow Stops Pays Off

Hopefully this guide gave you all the details on yellow stop meaning and mechanics in Pokémon Go gameplay! To sum it up:

  • Yellow rings indicate another player is actively using that PokeStop
  • Change color temporarily while in use to cue waiting turn
  • Stay attentive for special events signaled by yellow stops
  • Gimmighoul and rare coins may lurk around golden stops!
  • Never a long wait until accessible for you again

So don’t feel bummed when you spot a glimmering yellow stop in the distance. Just pause your approach, enjoy the suspense, and before long you’ll be back spinning for those key supply drops or rare discoveries! Respect for our fellow Pokémon trainers ensures fun gaming for all.

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