Dealing With the Infamous Revision Zero Catalyst Bug in Destiny 2

This guide will explain everything you need to know about the issue and provide some reliable workarounds that have helped fellow Guardians finally claim that elusive triumph.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Revision Zero catalyst triumph requires you to reshape the weapon with a catalyst inserted, but often bugs out and doesn’t register
  • Equipping the weapon and crafting another one often triggers the triumph retroactively
  • You don’t need to fully level up the intrinsic perks before slotting the catalyst
  • Bungie is aware of the issue but hasn’t deployed a fix yet

If you’ve been scratching your head over why the Revision Zero catalyst triumph remains frustratingly unfinished no matter what you try, read on for solutions that should set things right.

What Causes the Revision Zero Catalyst Bug?

The exact technical cause of this exotic catalyst bug remains unclear. Players typically encounter it after acquiring all four intrinsic perk upgrades from repeated Seraph Shield legend completions.

You’ll know the issue has struck if:

  • The Revision Zero catalyst triumph under Records > Patterns & Catalysts shows incomplete progress
  • The weapon shape screen indicates an available catalyst reshape option
  • Actually reshaping the perk provides no progress on the triumph

Notably, this behavior persists even if you’ve unlocked the maximum Hunter’s Trace level, earned all four catalyst quests, and slotted your preferred final column perk.

The problem seems localized to the triumph itself failing to detect the catalyst slotting properly. But not to worry – the workarounds are quick and painless for most.

Workaround #1 – Equip Revision Zero and Craft Another Weapon

Here is the simplest and most reliable fix reported by players:

  1. Equip your existing Revision Zero weapon
  2. Open the crafting menu and craft any other weapon
  3. The triumph should now autocomplete!

No need to actually change anything on your Revision Zero or even craft a second one specifically. Just open the menu with it equipped and start crafting something else.

Many claim the triumph pops instantly when the new weapon’s crafting animation finishes. It’s as if the act of initiating a craft triggers a blanket check of equipped catalyst weapons.

Give this method a try before attempting any complex reshaping or rebuilding. It worked flawlessly for myself and numerous other Destiny wiki editors and streamers.

Workaround #2 – Craft a New Revision Zero Without Catalyst Perks

If the above doesn’t do the trick, try crafting an entirely new Revision Zero:

  1. Visit the Enclave relic in Mars
  2. Select the Revision Zero shape template
  3. Insert your preferred barrels, magazines, etc. in the first 4 columns
  4. Leave the final perk column empty! Do not slot a catalyst.
  5. Craft the unfinished weapon
  6. Afterward, reopen and slot your desired catalyst perk

This should finally unlock the triumph for good. Many users confirm that having a catalyst-less Revision Zero sometimes jolts the tracking system awake.

No need to upgrade the new one at all if you prefer keeping your existing roll. Just a quick craft and recraft to check the triumph box.

Understanding the Intrinsic Upgrades vs. Catalyst Perks

As highlighted by helpful Guardians on Reddit and Bungie forums, one common misconception is conflating the intrinsic Hunter’s Trace upgrades with the actual catalyst perks. These are two parallel unlock paths:

Intrinsic Upgrades:

  • Unlocked from repeated weekly Seraph Shield completions
  • Located in the first column of the Revision Zero shape menu
  • Grants access to enhanced trait combos and masterworking

Catalyst Perks:

  • Unlocked from completing the seasonal “Should You Choose to Accept It” quest steps
  • Located in the final column, highlighted yellow
  • Grants alternative versions of popular perks like Feeding Frenzy, Under Pressure, etc.

You only need to unlock the first intrinsic upgrade or two before applying catalyst perks. If you already have all four upgrades, the bug can still occur and lock your progress.

Follow the workarounds above rather than attempting to unlink or downgrade the upgrades. Re-completing catalyst quests likely won’t help either if they’re already finished.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my Revision Zero still show an unfinished catalyst under Triumphs?

This is the primary symptom of the catalyst triumph bug. Even with the weapon fully upgraded and reshaped, the specific Triumph tracking remains stuck for technical reasons. The workaround of equipping Revision Zero before crafting another weapon often resolves this.

Do I need to fully upgrade Hunter’s Trace to apply catalysts?

No, you only need the first one or two intrinsic upgrades before the catalyst column unlocks. You can insert catalysts right away without completing all four Hunter’s Trace levels first.

Should I delete my upgraded Revision Zero and start over?

There is no need to delete or abandon your existing weapon. The equip and craft workaround should retroactively give you credit on the original Revision Zero without rebuilding it.


The temperamental Revision Zero catalyst triumph continues to plague many exhilarated pulse rifle wielders. But with the equip and craft workaround especially, you should be back to popping enemy heads with your fancy new intrinsic in no time.

Pay special mind to differentiating the intrinsic upgrades from catalyst column perks when reshaping your roll. Hopefully Bungie rolls out a comprehensive fix soon that prevents this issue altogether.

Yet for all its early hiccups, Revision Zero stands tall as a creative centerpiece among Destiny 2’s ever-expanding exotic arsenal. Between cool lore roots, a novel thermal scope origin trait, and sheer statistical power, its bright future looks assured regardless of triumph bugs.

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