How To Play Deimos Guide! Rainbow Six Siege Operator [Guide]

Key Takeaways:

  • Deimos is a new attacker operator with a unique tracking gadget called the Deathmark Tracker.
  • His gadget allows him to live-track any scanned defender, giving valuable real-time intel.
  • Deimos has a powerful new revolver called the .44 Vendetta as his secondary weapon.
  • He excels at roam hunting, entry fragging, and enabling aggressive team pushes.
  • Proper droning, communication, and synergy with teammates are crucial for success.

Are you ready to unleash the ultimate tracker in Rainbow Six Siege? Meet Deimos, the latest addition to the attacker roster. This mysterious operator, hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, brings a game-changing gadget and a lethal new sidearm to the battlefield. Get ready to dive into the exciting world of Deimos and discover how to master his unique abilities.

Who is Deimos?

Deimos, also known as Gerald Morris, is a two-speed, two-armor operator with a balanced playstyle. He’s a former leader of the original Rainbow team, now making a comeback with a vengeance. Sporting a mask that conceals his identity, Deimos is a force to be reckoned with.

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Operator Stats and Role

  • Speed: 2
  • Armor: 2
  • Difficulty: 2 (Balanced)
  • Role: Roam Hunter, Entry Fragger, Support

With his balanced stats, Deimos can adapt to various situations, combining aggression and caution as needed.

The ULTIMATE Deimos Guide for Year 9

Deimos’ Unique Gadget: Deathmark Tracker

How the Gadget Works

Deimos’ gadget, the Deathmark Tracker, is a game-changer. It allows him to send out drones that can ping and track any previously scanned defender, revealing their live position to Deimos alone. However, the tracked defender can also see Deimos’ location, albeit less frequently.

Advantages of Live Tracking

The live tracking feature provides Deimos and his team with a strategic advantage. By continuously updating the tracked defender’s position, Deimos can orchestrate precise attacks and disrupt the enemy’s movements.

Limitations and Drawbacks

While powerful, the Deathmark Tracker has limitations. Only Deimos can see the live pings, forcing him to communicate effectively with his team. Additionally, when the tracker is active, Deimos can only wield his .44 Vendetta sidearm, leaving him vulnerable in certain situations.

Deimos’ Lethal Arsenal

Primary Weapon Options

Deimos has two primary weapon choices:

  • AK-74M Assault Rifle: A versatile and reliable option for most engagements.
  • M590A1 Shotgun: Ideal for close-quarters combat and creating new sightlines.

The Signature .44 Vendetta Revolver

The standout weapon in Deimos’ loadout is the .44 Vendetta revolver. This powerful sidearm is exclusive to Deimos and boasts a clean scope for precise shots. With a two-hit kill potential and minimal recoil, the Vendetta is a lethal tool when tracking enemies.

Deimos’ Playstyle and Tactics

Entry Fragging and Aggressive Pushing

Deimos excels at entry fragging and enabling aggressive team pushes. Use your live tracking intel to pinpoint defenders and lead the charge, creating openings for your teammates to follow.

Roam Hunting and Clearing

One of Deimos’ primary roles is roam hunting. Leverage your Deathmark Tracker to locate and eliminate pesky roamers, preventing them from disrupting your team’s attack.

Support Role and Enabling Teammates

While Deimos can be a formidable fragger, his true strength lies in supporting his team. Provide accurate callouts based on your tracking intel, facilitating coordinated plays and enabling your teammates to secure kills.

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Synergizing with Other Operators

Powerful Combos (Ash, Zofia, Ying, Blitz)

Deimos synergizes exceptionally well with entry fraggers and aggressive operators like Ash, Zofia, Ying, and Blitz. Coordinate your live tracking intel with their abilities to create devastating combos and overwhelm the defenders.

Coordinating with Intel Operators (Lion, Dokkaebi)

Operators like Lion and Dokkaebi, who provide additional intel, can complement Deimos’ tracking abilities. Use their gadgets to identify targets for Deimos to mark, creating a comprehensive information network for your team.

Countering Deimos: Defender Strategies

Solis and Drone Denial

Solis is a formidable counter to Deimos. By eliminating attacking drones, she can prevent Deimos from obtaining the initial red pings required for his gadget to function.

Vigil and Mute’s Gadget Counters

Vigil can cloak himself, rendering him undetectable by Deimos’ tracker. Similarly, standing within the range of Mute’s jammers will conceal your location from Deimos’ pings.

How To Play Deimos Guide Rainbow Six Siege Operator Guide

Trap Operators and Baiting

Trap operators like Kapkan, Fenrir, and Melusi can turn the tables on Deimos by baiting him into their traps once he has marked a target. Coordinate with your team to set up these surprises.

Tips and Tricks for Mastering Deimos

Selective Target Tracking

Don’t waste your tracker on defenders anchoring on site or operators like Solis, who can easily counter you. Choose your targets wisely and focus on roamers or key positions.

Droning and Intel Gathering Importance

Droning is crucial for Deimos. Thoroughly explore the map and gather intel to identify potential targets for your Deathmark Tracker.

Communication and Callouts

Effective communication is key to success with Deimos. Provide clear callouts to your team, sharing the live tracking intel to enable coordinated attacks.

Vertical Gameplay and Surprising Defenders

Consider utilizing vertical gameplay by pushing defenders from different floors. This tactic can catch them off guard and pressure them from unexpected angles.

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Roam Clearing and Aggressive Playstyle

Embrace Deimos’ roam hunting capabilities and adopt an aggressive playstyle. Use your tracking intel to systematically clear out roamers and disrupt the enemy’s plans.


Deimos brings a unique twist to the attacker’s side in Rainbow Six Siege. With his live tracking gadget and powerful .44 Vendetta revolver, he excels at roam hunting, entry fragging, and enabling aggressive team plays. By mastering his abilities, synergizing with the right operators, and employing effective tactics, you can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Remember, communication, droning, and teamwork are crucial for unleashing Deimos’ full potential. Now, it’s time to don that mask and strike fear into the hearts of your opponents.

BEST HOW TO PLAY DEIMOS GUIDE! Rainbow Six Siege Operator Guide


What are Deimos’ strengths?

Deimos’ main strengths are his ability to live-track defenders, enabling precise callouts and coordinated attacks. His .44 Vendetta revolver is also a potent sidearm, making him a formidable fragger when combined with his tracking intel.

How can I counter Deimos as a defender?

Operators like Solis, Vigil, and Mute can effectively counter Deimos by denying him the initial red pings needed for his tracker or concealing your location from his pings. Trap operators can also bait and surprise Deimos once he has marked a target.

What is the best way to use Deimos’ Deathmark Tracker?

To maximize the Deathmark Tracker’s effectiveness, prioritize droning and gathering intel during the preparation phase. Identify potential roamers or key defender positions, then use your tracker to continuously ping their live location. Communicate this intel to your team for coordinated attacks.

What operators synergize well with Deimos?

Entry fraggers like Ash, Zofia, Ying, and Blitz synergize exceptionally well with Deimos, as they can capitalize on his live tracking intel for aggressive pushes. Intel operators like Lion and Dokkaebi can also complement Deimos’ abilities.

Should I use the AK-74M or the M590A1 as Deimos’ primary weapon?

The AK-74M is the more versatile choice for most situations, providing a reliable assault rifle for medium-to-long-range engagements. However, the M590A1 shotgun can be effective for close-quarters combat and creating new sightlines, especially when combined with Deimos’

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