Is Mortal Kombat X Worth Buying? A Look at What Fans Can Expect

Mortal Kombat X has finally arrived after years of eager anticipation from fans of the iconic fighting game franchise. But is this new entry worth plunking down $60 for? What can MK devotees expect to get from the game? Let’s break it down.

Killer Gameplay and Roster

At its core, MKX delivers the outstanding fighting gameplay the series is known for. The tight and responsive controls allow you to pull off the combos you want with precision. Each of the playable fighters brings their own unique style to the arena, so there’s tons of variety in finding the one that suits you best.

MKX brings back a huge roster of classic Mortal Kombat kombatants like Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Raiden while introducing great new fighters like Cassie Cage and Kotal Khan. The different character variations give special moves and combos to master for each fighter, upping the replay value exponentially.

And of course, it wouldn’t be Mortal Kombat without grisly fatalities, brutalities, and x-ray moves that show off ridiculous amounts of gore. MKX delivers the over-the-top violence fans crave in spades.

Cinematic Story Mode

The lengthy story mode is presented like an interactive movie, with stretches of cutscenes broken up by fights using a single character. It introduces a compelling new tale set 25 years later, focused on a new generation of fighters defending Earthrealm from threats like the villainous Shinnok.

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The animations and backdrops are simply stunning to behold, making every punch, kick, and toss a visual feast. Interactive backgrounds that affect the action keep fights interesting. It’s a cinematic presentation that provides a fun way to progress through the plot and level up your abilities with key fighters.

MORTAL KOMBAT X Gameplay Walkthrough STORY FULL GAME [4K 60FPS] - No Commentary

Extra Modes and Robust Online Options

Beyond the story mode, Mortal Kombat X contains a wealth of content to keep you busy. Traditional towers let you fight through waves of opponents, while the living towers offer special hourly, daily, and weekly challenges to take on. There are also the endlessly replayable, randomized Test Your Luck challenge towers.

Taking the fight online, you can battle other players in versus matches, team battles, king of the hill contests, and more. The new Faction Wars system makes sure every online match contributes points to your chosen faction’s dominance.

Some Minor Quibbles

While overall MKX absolutely delivers for fans, a few imperfections hold it back from flawless victory. The story mode is engrossing but a bit on the short side. The online matchmaking could use some fine-tuning as well.

Purists have also grumbled about the addition of simplified fatality inputs via DLC, feeling it undermines the skill involved. But these are small nitpicks of an otherwise stellar package.

Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms is Mortal Kombat X available on?

MKX is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

How many playable characters are there?

The base MKX game contains around 25 playable characters. More have been added via DLC.

Is the gameplay similar to previous Mortal Kombat titles?

Yes, MKX features the same basic fighting gameplay the series is known for. But new mechanics like interactive backgrounds and character variations add more depth.

How is the PC version compared to the console?

The PC version had some technical issues at launch but has improved over time with patches. Overall, consoles provide the most polished experience.


Minor shortcomings aside, Mortal Kombat X represents a brutal and bloody new chapter for the legendary fighting franchise. With superb graphics, well-crafted gameplay, and tons of content, it’s a must-buy for longtime fans hungry for more over-the-top martial arts action. MKX retains the essence of what makes Mortal Kombat great while evolving the play experience to keep things fresh. So get ready to FINISH HIM!

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