The Lost Fear: The Horror Game That 13-Year-Old Kid Made

The Lost Fear is a downloadable psychological horror game for Windows created by 13-year-old developer Vasco. This short 10-15 minute game is meant to feel like a nightmare, with puzzles to solve and fears to confront in order to escape and wake up.

Key Features

  • Immersive psychological horror atmosphere
  • Puzzles to solve to progress
  • Confronting fears and overcoming nightmares theme
  • About 10-15 minutes of gameplay
  • Free download for Windows

Story and Gameplay

As mentioned by the developer, there is no concrete story since it is meant to represent a nightmare. The gameplay focuses on the horror atmosphere and overcoming fears to escape the nightmare.

You play in first person perspective, using WASD keys to move around, mouse to look around, shift to sprint, E or left mouse button to interact with objects, and ESC or P to pause.

The levels are designed to be claustrophobic and frightening, confronting common fears like darkness, tight spaces, and jump scares. There are a few well-timed jump scares throughout the game to keep players on edge.

the lost fear

Reviews and Reception

For a game made in just 2 weeks by a 13-year-old developer, The Lost Fear has received very positive reviews:

  • Many players commented on the intense, scary atmosphere and immersive environment. The darkness, tight spaces, and jump scares combine to create a truly frightening experience.
  • The gameplay is smooth, especially considering the developer’s young age. The controls are intuitive and interact well with the environment.
  • Some players were shocked to find out the developer was only 13 years old after playing. They praised Vasco’s talents and were excited to see future games.
  • A few reviews mentioned the lack of a strong story, but understood this was an intentional choice fitting the theme of a nightmare. There is still an enjoyable gameplay experience and frights to be had.
  • Overall, most players said The Lost Fear delivered great scares and an impressive horror game, especially for a 2 week development cycle by a 13-year-old.
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About the Developer

The Lost Fear was created in 2 weeks by Vasco, a young developer aged 13 at the time of release. He had to cancel development on another game before creating this one.

Vasco created The Lost Fear using Unreal Engine 5 and released it for free. He has a YouTube channel where he posts devlogs and announcements for his games.

Considering his young age, Vasco has proven to have talent and passion for game development, and has received lots of encouragement from players of The Lost Fear to keep creating games.

The Lost Fear - Official Game Trailer


For horror game fans looking for a short, free experience packed with atmosphere, The Lost Fear delivers. The tight, dark spaces and jump scares combine to create a frightening environment confronting common fears like the theme of a nightmare.

The smooth gameplay and controls work well, especially given the young age of the developer Vasco. After playing The Lost Fear, many players are excited to see Vasco’s future games as he continues honing his skills in game development.

Overall, The Lost Fear accomplishes its goal of an immersive horror game confronting players’ fears, providing some scares through its environment, visuals and sounds in a 15 minute nightmare-fueled experience. It’s an impressive achievement for a 13-year-old’s 2 week game jam project, and leaves players eager to see what Vasco creates next as he grows in experience.


What is The Lost Fear game about?

The Lost Fear is a short, free horror game meant to simulate a nightmare. The player must confront fears and solve puzzles to escape the nightmare. There is no concrete story since it represents a dream.

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Who is the developer of The Lost Fear?

The Lost Fear was created in 2 weeks by Vasco, a young developer who was 13 years old at the time. He had to cancel working on another game before making this one.

What game engine was used to make The Lost Fear?

The developer Vasco created The Lost Fear using Unreal Engine 5.

What are some key features of The Lost Fear?

Key features include:

  • Psychological horror atmosphere
  • Puzzles to solve
  • Confronting fears theme
  • About 10-15 minutes of gameplay
  • Free download for Windows

What has been the response to The Lost Fear?

Reviews have been very positive, praising the horror atmosphere and smooth gameplay considering Vasco’s young age. Many players were impressed and eager to see Vasco’s future games.

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