Fortnite Best Graphics Settings For RTX 4070 Ti

  • Display settings showing Window Mode vs Fullscreen option
  • Resolution set to 2560 x 1440 (16:9 aspect ratio)
  • Vsync is set to OFF
  • Frame Rate Limit option, currently set to Unlimited
  • Rendering Mode set to DIRECTX 12
  • Graphics settings with Brightness at 100% and User Interface Contrast at 1x
  • Graphics Quality settings section
  • Auto-Set Quality option available
  • Quality Presets, currently set to Epic
  • Options for Anti-Aliasing & Super Resolution (TAA), Temporal Super Resolution (Custom), and 3D Resolution (100%)
  • Advanced graphics settings
  • Dynamic 3D Resolution set to OFF
  • Nanite Virtualized Geometry set to ON
  • Virtual Shadows set to Epic
  • Global Illumination set to Lumen Epic
  • Reflections set to Lumen Epic
  • View Distance set to Epic
  • Textures set to Epic
  • Effects set to Epic
  • Post Processing set to Epic
  • Effects setting set to Epic
  • Post Processing setting set to Epic
  • Hardware Ray Tracing option set to OFF
  • Advanced Graphics section
  • Show FPS option set to ON
  • Use GPU Crash Debugging set to OFF
  • Latency Markers set to ON
  • NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency option with “+Boost” enabled
RTX 4070 Ti BENCHMARK - Fortnite Chapter 5 - Season 2 ⛏️ | ALL SETTINGS TESTED | 1080p & 1440p
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